Client - Egreen
Category - Visual Identity
Year - 2022

"Nicolás" is Egreen's 20th album, released in February 2022.

In this album - conceived between Bogota and Milan - the artist makes a reflective journey in his own path, both personal and professional, recounting in an extremely direct way the difficulties and failures experienced in recent years.

I had the opportunity to work side by side with Egreen to take care of all the graphic language of the project, from the concept to the communication materials.
The goal was to create an identity that had the strength to absorb and amplify the emotions transmitted by music.

Questo non è un disco per suonare, è un disco personale, che parla d’amore e esorcizza il male

“Incubi” is the first single from “Nicolás”. It is a unique piece of its kind, with a duration of 10 minutes without hooks.

Released two weeks before the full album, it is the single with which the artist announced the new album.

With this first release we have begun to introduce the graphic language of the project, characterized by 3 pillar elements: the color orange, typography and the theme of travel, a key topic throughout the album.

A digital cover and launch stories were designed for "Incubi", and the graphic design of the single was created for all the artist's channels (Spotify, Apple Music, Tim Music, Bandcamp, Youtube, Instagram, Telegram and Facebook ).

On February 25 “Nicolás” was released on all digital platforms. The project includes a different artwork for each medium in which it will be presented (streaming platforms, physical disc, tape, vinyl).

Faithful to the concept that rap should first be listened to and then watched, for the digital cover we worked with an extremely concise approach: a title and a photo, without adding any disturbing element. The aim at this initial moment was to have a visual to support the launch of the album, which would make listeners acclimate to the mood of the project, preparing them for the release of physical materials.

"Il Mare" is the bonus track - and the only featuring - of the disc. Released as a digital single two weeks after "Nicolás", this piece is present in the physical version of the cd and represents the closure of the cycle of the disc, pending publication of merchandising and the first concerts.

The digital cover of the single and the communication stories (teaser and release) were designed.

This artwork was created to conceptually lead the listener to identify with the artist's journey with an internal point of view plane and is a direct link to what will be the cover of the physical disc.

A launch campaign divided into 3 drops was carried out for the sale of merchandising. Each drop contained 1 limited edition item and a numbered poster signed by Egreen. The limited edition items were: the digipack for the first drop, the t-shirt for the second and the tape for the third, each with a different poster, dedicated to the specific item.

The digipack artwork, as anticipated for "Il Mare", conceptually takes the listener inside the plane which metaphorically represents Egreen's journey. As can be seen by listening to the record, this plane has now crashed, letting us see through a badly placed window the silhouette of the artist who, despite the fall, managed to get out and is still standing outside the wreck.

“L’ultimo Lords of Vetra torna a Milano da indipendente”

The illustrations of the shirt were designed by Claudio Scialabba.

The condor, a symbol that has accompanied Egreen for years, is the protagonist of the visual of this item and its accompanying poster.

“The Flight Recording Tape” is the name of the last item, the black box of the plane. It is a cassette with 3 tracks, including "Incubi", with a visual that directly recalls the flight recorder and reports some "flight data", including the coordinates of Bogotà (Egreen's hometown and place where the disc was born ) and the singer's Colombian identity card.

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