Client - TEDxLakeComo
Category - Creative Direction / Visual Design
Year - 2023

TED is an international organization born in 1984 as a conference where Technology, Entertainment and Design converged, but today it spans a multitude of worldwide communities and initiatives exploring everything from science and business to education, arts and global issues. 
TEDx (where x = independently organized TED event) brings the spirit of TED to local communities around the globe through individual, self-organized TEDx events.

TEDxLakeComo was the first TEDx to be born in Italy. For the 2023 edition, the theme is "ILLIMITE," a neologism invented to give food for thought about the limits around us and the limitlessness yet to be explored.

I was tasked with bringing to life the visual identity of this event and its creative direction.

The word "ILLIMITE" and its letters are the absolute protagonists of this identity. The letters have no limits, they can move, grow and shrink, they can choose to occupy the entire screen or go beyond it. At the same time, the shape of the letters is a limitation for all content placed within them.

Alessandro Giraudo - Commodity economist

This letters-based format has been used in all the designed materials, from adv to printing gadgets.

A 3-stage animation was designed for each of the 19 speakers: the speaker's cover presentation, the "video in," in which the speaker could broadcast his slides in the left-hand space while his face was projected live in the right-hand space, and the "video out," which prepared the screen for the next speaker's presentation.

Fernanda Pinheiro -  Theoretical physics in biology

A tote bag with a 360-degree “ILLIMITE” print and one with a single-sided classic print was given away, along with some welcome gadgets, to each spectator at the event.

Bruno Tognolini - Author, screenwriter and poet

A system of flexible arrows was designed as wayfinding at Villa Erba (the venue for TEDx). Five types of arrows were designed and constructed, with different shapes to echo the graphic language of the event.

Nello Cristianini - Artificial intelligence professor

Matteo Lanfranchi - Relationship maintainer

Cristian Fracassi - Innovator

TEDxLakeComo Team

Photography by: Federico Galimberti

Video footage by: Marco Schenoni

Thanks to: Gerolamo Saibene, Patrizia Cappelletti, Silke Hoffmeister, Roberto Minelli, Martina Brumana and the whole dreamteam.

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